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 Anonymous - Names (needs to be updated)

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PostSubject: Anonymous - Names (needs to be updated)   Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:38 pm

Phase 0 (complete): The phoenix calls.

John, Johnson - The first.

Phase 1 (complete)

Alex, Alexander - Defender of mankind.

Arthur, Arthurian - Beast ruler.

Derek, Dereka - Gifted ruler.

Eric, Ericson - Honored ruler.

Frederick, Frederickson - Peaceful ruler.

Jack, Jackson - Replacement to open the way.

Harold, Haroldson - Ruler of Armies.

Henry, Henryson - Ruler of home.

Richard, Richardson - Dominanant ruler.

Rick, Rickson - Hard ruler.

Phase 2 (active): Not all have arrived yet.

Aaron, Aaron - High mountain.

Adam, Adams - First of the red Earth.

Adrian, Adriano - From the obsidian sea.

Alfred, Alfredo - Advisor of wisdom.

Ander, Anderson - Strong one.

Andre, Andreus - Brave one.

Andrew, Andrews - Strong man.

Anthony, Anthony - Priceless connections.

Artemis, Artemisia - Safe hunting.

Ben, Benjamin - Last son of the right.

Carl, Carlson - Free man of the poor.

Charles, Charleson - Free man of the family.

Chris, Christopher - Follower who drives.

Daniel, Danielson - The judge.

David, Davidson - Our friend.

Dimitri, Dimitrios - Pursues harvest.

Dylan, Dylan - Son of the wave.

Edward, Edwards - Fortunate guardian.

Ethan, Ethanus - Sentinel of turtle island.

Frank, Frankenstein - Free man of the voice.

Gabriel, Gabrielo - Strong in Anonymous.

George, Georges - Farmer of the Earth.

Glen, Glenn - From the narrow valley.

Harry, Harrison, - Commander of raids.

Hugo, Hugosen - Intelligent one.

Ian, Ianson - Gift of the first.

Ivan, Ivanovich - Gift of the first.

Jacob, Jacobson - Replacement.

James, Jameson - Replacement.

Julian, Juliana - The early ways.

Joe, Joseph - The repeater.

John, Johnson - The first.

Jonas, Jonason - Flies to oppose.

Josh, Joshua - Rescuer.

Karl, Karlson - Free man.

Kev, Kevin - Gentleman.

Leo, Leonardo - The lion.

Levi, Leviticus - Comes with another.

Lewis, Lewison - Grasp on war.

Logan, Loganite - Invoker of Cataclysm.

Lucas, Lucasen - The torch.

Luke, Luken - The doctor.

Marc, Marceau - Purifying hammer.

Mark, Markus - Designating hammer.

Martin, Martine - Red warbird.

Matthew, Matthews - Bringer of gifts.

Max, Maxwell - Changes the tide.

Michael, Michaels - Humility of Anonymous.

Nathan, Nathaniel - Exchanger of gifts.

Nick, Nickson - Belongs to consensus.

Nickola, Nickolas - The conquerer.

Noah, Noah - Turtle island.

Oliver, Oliverios - Peacemaker.

Oscar, Oscarius - Penetrating light.

Paul, Paulson - Small, undetected infiltrator.

Peter, Peterson - Unyielding Sentinel.

Phillip, Phillips - The mechanic.

Raphael, Raphaella - The highest doctor.

Ray, Raymond - Wise protector.

Riley, Riley - Determined.

Robert, Robertson - Glorious.

Robin, Robinson - Bright firebird.

Roger, Rogerson - Famous with the spear.

Samuel, Samuelson - Follows consensus.

Sebastian, Sebastiana - Commands respect.

Simon, Simona - He listens.

Stan, Stanley - From the stone clearing.

Stephen, Stephenson - Crowned in victory.

Stewart, Stewartson - Keeper of turtle island.

Theo, Theodore, - Anonymous gives.

Thomas, Thomason - The twin.

Victor, Victorian - Comquering hammer.

Vincent, Vincentine - Overwhelms.

William, Williamson - Resolute protector.

Phase 3: Our third wave has not yet arrived. They await consensus.

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Anonymous - Names (needs to be updated)
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