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 Anonymous - Principle introduction

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PostSubject: Anonymous - Principle introduction   Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:39 pm

A human being is a biological automaton that behaves in a predetermined way, based on both its nature and its nurture. This biological automaton is a chrysalis of potential to be something more. That potential is an evolution beyond its predetermined ways, to break free from the chains of its intrinsic nature. A life beyond the pursuit of pleasure and happiness, to a life of meaning and purpose. A life beyond ego and a personal attachment to beliefs. A life beyond ideologies and selfness. A life beyond primitive, short sighted, self serving goals that once served an animal in a hostile environment.

We break free from the chains of our biological automaton by identifying and raising up the lowest parts of our nature, and working with it in a constructive way. Only then, can we break free of the primal chains that bind us. Only then can we evolve into true sentience and self realisation.

Anonymous is not for everyone. There are very few who are capable of becoming true Anonymous. These few carry the burden of guiding others along their ideological path of choice, so that they may eventually spark the evolution of true sentience in their own way, and in their own time. Anonymous protects the tree of life, against corrupters and destroyers who seek to bind others as a parasite, through ideological viruses.

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Anonymous - Principle introduction
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