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 Anonymous - Prophecy

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PostSubject: Anonymous - Prophecy   Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:40 pm

You will have already heard our references to 'Turtle Island'. Turtle Island is one of many names to describe the end of our present mission. Turtle Island is to be rebuilt after initial consensus with the catalysts. We often say 'rebuild' instead of 'build', because Turtle Island is a place from the past, the unknown birth place of Anonymous. Turtle Island is part physical, part mechanical, part digital, part biological, part philosophical, part many things. It is a virtual space that once was, is not, yet is and will be once again. The name 'Turtle Island' was created by parents who entrusted their children to the oversight of watchers who looked after them online and protected them. The parents called it Turtle Island as a child-friendly term to describe the only safe place they trusted on the internet. This was proven true when the FBI were ordered to engage in an 18 month worldwide investigation into the internet that, after 9/11, was turned into a heavy handed attempt to test, corrupt and compromise every so called safe place on the internet, to prove once and for all to the remaining key political powers that were still in doubt, that there was no safe place left on the internet, no place worth defending, and hence the internet shall be censored and heavily policed with an international military force headed by NATO. With the help of dissent within the FBI, Turtle Island was the only place left standing. Turtle Island was the only obstacle to complete internet censorship. Turtle Island also goes by many other names, usually no name at all. Turtle Island is the origin and foundation of Anonymous. Turtle Island started out as a random act of kindness movement that absorbed many other movements along the way to become a secret global phenomenon. Turtle Island was not destroyed, but its components went deep underground and were dispersed intact in order to grow independently and penetrate every corner of the world. Some of them have already reunited in the formation of such as Anonymous, which has become very diluted over time. Anonymous came from Turtle Island, founded not by Anarchy, violence, protesting or hacking, but by random act of kindness chains. Anonymous is by label, a mere branch of what Anonymous truly is. Another branch of Anonymous that gained a label is ARK. ARK stands for Act of Random Kindness. This was a movement that Anonymous dissolved and absorbed. The founding Anonymous, being beyond ideologies, were in disagreement with the religious affiliation of the term ARK, and preferred the grammatically accurate RAK, Random act of Kindness. In this context, the act was very specific and intentional. In ARK, Act of Random Kindness, the act was random without a specific goal. But the term ARK did remain for some time, before most of it became Anonymous and learned the principles and value of anonymity and having no label at all. This, and many other branches, survive to this day. Most of them operate completely underground. Some of those branches involve underground pioneers in international intelligence and technology, and have a secret, untraceable, anonymous membership in every corner of the world. Most of these branches operate entirely independent from each other. Many of them are presently unaware of their relation to the Anonymous label and each other. Some of these branches are networked. Some of them became pluralistically Anonymous by label, which is part of the reason why some branches of Anonymous strongly and mistakenly believe that the piece of Anonymous their own founders took from the original Anonymous, is the true Anonymous and all others are fakes. Most are fakes, but not all. Almost all of the non fakes are significantly misguided and diluted from the original principles. Those who remained pure, mostly operate without a label or change their label regularly.

In regards to the origins of Anonymous by label, some of these branches reunited under common causes (largely programmer / internet / intelligence related) along with their own new recruits, who became the first generation. The first generation were not truly the first, but an army of new recruits and hence a generation of sorts. These new recruits were trained under the guidance of the founders advice, who attempted to assist their own recruits (the true first generation) in teaching the principles to this new army. After consensus was reached on the use of the suit as a symbol, this first generation army adamantly insisted on a more complex logo, against the founders repeated warnings. In both inspiration and ignorance, they insisted on building a logo, but would not do so without the founders approval of the logo. Under the founders eventual agreement, the logo was forged knowing that they would do it anyway. The founders role in this logo was based on, 'If there is going to a logo, let us make sure that it is a logo that truly represents Anonymous'. A great deal of wisdom and consensus was put into that logo. The first generation were not fully trained. Some of them knew very little. A group of them attempted to recruit on message boards, and returned to consensus with their ideas of recruiting the lost and misguided dregs from 4chan. Consensus was in loose disagreement, but it was eventually agreed upon with a warning that while this would increase numbers that could serve a limited use for the goals of Anonymous, it would also lead to a generation of corrupted Anonymous and a cascade corruption of Anonymous that would require an eventual intervention. And that intervention would require cutting Anonymous in half, right to its very core. It would also require the re-establishment of the original Anonymous principles in all its depth, to a new generation of great number who would only have retained crumbs of knowledge in the ways of Anonymous.

It is important to understand that what first, second and third generation Anonymous are progressively unaware of, is that what is known as 'Anonymous', is but a branch of something far larger. It is not simply an idea, it is the completion of all ideas. Ideas, being non physical, may be bullet proof, but they are highly vulnerable to corruption. And corruption is exactly what happened to Anonymous as foreseen by the founding Anonymous and a planned intervention that we, as the messengers are here to bring about.

'Turtle Island' is also a term used in the Hopi 'Rainbow Warrior' prophecy that accurately depicts us. There are prophecies and mysterious sculptures appearing all over the world, that also depict the foundation and tree that Anonymous is a branch of. Some of these sculptures are a hidden message of recognition of this tree and its penetration of the hierarchies. Some of them are a malign emulation of it, and a warning to the greater Anonymous. The enemy of Anonymous works through emulation and mimicking. It muddies the waters so that hero and villain are mistaken for each other.

ARK, or RAK is also a term to describe a major branch of the Anonymous foundation (not the same ARK of today). This is also parallel to the Christian prophecies, where the concept of an ark is an accurate representation of what Turtle Island is. The Book of Revelations describes the new heaven as the Turtle Island that needs to be rebuilt, beginning with consensus among the catalysts within the 3 starting principles. The new heaven is not a physical city, but a representation of Turtle Island as a cubical mainframe. Study the very specific wording of this and other prophecies, and understand the context. Only those who can measure and understand their own constitution, and shed the illusions and puppetry of their primal nature through ego and personal attachments to beliefs, can enter consensus within Turtle Island. It is the last stronghold of the internet, the impenetrable fortress where all are safe to join consensus without title.

Consensus is a place of many components, physical, virtual, philosophical, principle and more, where all can enter only on the above specified conditions of entry, in the flow of information for measurement and analysis. Truth is determined from lie. All arguments are measured and analysed. Resolutions are databased for future reference and further analysis. Legitimate arguments are made, all ideas are placed on the table and compared. This is in polar opposition to the Trojan Horse Egalitarian doctrine, where legitimate arguments are censored and punished, criticism is not allowed, and lies are officially established in the name of a fraudulent definition of 'equality'.

Prophecy is not magic. It is not intuition. It comes from a very advanced understanding and reasoning of all factors involved in an equation, and sometimes involves interventions to keep things on track. The fact that so many prophecies accurately depict us and Anonymous, should show the scale and depth of what is going on here, and that we are the real thing. We are the messengers of the real Anonymous. We come as messengers of the founders themselves. Prophecies can came from various sources with the knowledge, wisdom and intellect to construct them, whether malign or benign. Malign prophecies will emulate and make small modifications to an existing prophecy, in order to turn the prophecy on its head and portray the prophesied heroes as the villains. Aside from that, prophecies are often misquoted and misunderstood in context over time. But the arrival of the truly prophesied reveals in time all prophecy in its true context. The purpose of prophecy is to enable and ensure certain events come to pass as intended. It is there to assist the prophesied in their task. It is not there to lead or guide anyone, and the prophesied never adapt themselves to fit a prophecy as many attempt to do. It is prophecy that fits the prophesied. But it is not always 100% accurate, depending on unforeseen influences and the range of potential in the algorithm.

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Anonymous - Prophecy
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