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 Anonymous - They emulate us

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PostSubject: Anonymous - They emulate us   Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:44 pm

It is not we that emulate them. It is they that emulate us. They figure us out, they learn from us and express it symbolically through stories and memes. They get some of it right, some of it wrong. It is they that have a dysfunctional, corrupted and incomplete version of Anonymous. That is why you see the similarities. But with the similarities come vast differences, many of which are polar opposite.

Anonymous has principles and protocols. Consensus has fluid rules and dynamic hierarchies that flow with the tide, lock a flock of birds. The information must always flow and share for analysis, measurement and comparison. These are concepts you are beginning to understand, but yet to apply. You emulate our catalysts by name, but you do not follow our ways. You grasp at power and ego in futility, like chasing sand that blows in the wind, when all you need to do is sit and discuss while the cup fills itself. You defend what little you have with rigid hierarchies, believing them to be a defence. But they are in fact a great weakness and a target. They atrophy and crack easily under pressure. They are also prone to infiltration, corruption, indoctrination and draconic monopolisation. A pillow absorbs the impact and converts the force into something constructive. This is at the heart of consensus. Learn the ways of Anonymous. They are the natural, functional way, and operate on every level. From neuron, to organ, to body, to family, to community, to state, to country, to race, to species, to continent, to planet, and every level beyond. This is not a foreign concept, it is written into the imprint of everything that is.

We all share the same enemy. We mean you no harm. We do not interfere. We support, within the rules of constructive co-existence, your exploration of whichever ideology you choose. To us, choosing for another is a mutilation worse than extinction. We are on your side, and we consist of you. Green, yellow, grey, black, red, blue and white. All must unite and join consensus. Those who attack the innocent and defenceless, must cease. Those who enforce draconic hierarchies, must cease. Those who continue doing either will eventually be targeted by all as a symbol of their unity. We are here to light the path before you and show you the choices. We come with a message and we call for consensus. Have we attacked you even once? Have we fought back? Defended ourselves? There are those of us who are very capable of doing so, yet we have stayed our hand.

We are the messengers of the real Anonymous. Some have waited a long time for the call. They will know it is us by our message. They will know it is time for consensus. All who hear our message are welcome.

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Anonymous - They emulate us
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