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 Philosophy - The truth

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PostSubject: Philosophy - The truth   Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:49 pm

There is no your truth or my truth. There is only the truth. It was there before you were, and it will be there after you are gone. Your imagination does not determine the truth. Your desire does not determine the truth. Your beliefs do not determine the truth. Your fears do not determine the truth. The truth is not something imaginary that you can make up, it is something very real you can discover. The way of the New Age cult is to merge truth and lie. To devalue and redefine reason and logic, and confuse the mind with diversions of delusion, pulling at the puppet strings of primal nature.

The truth is not simply proclaimed. It does not need you to protect or defend it. It needs to be exposed, to battle lies at the table and reveal itself to you first hand.

The truth is only found by those who perpetually question everything they believe. It can only be wielded by those who choose to let go of false beliefs. We live in a world with so many layers of lies, that the truth is the most difficult pill to swallow.

But if our brief existence lasts for just a spark of light in the darkness of the big picture, I want to spend that moment knowing the truth while i can. And if I am wrong about any given thing, to hell with my beliefs. Belief is just a tool, but it's a powerful tool that can work for or against you. Don't be the chainsaw in the forest, wielding the man. What is the point existing if you're going to spend it in fantasy and illusion?

The pursuit of the truth comes at the cost of beliefs, perpetually. The pursuit of beliefs come at the cost of the truth, eventually.

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Philosophy - The truth
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