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 Race - Race colours

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PostSubject: Race - Race colours   Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:50 pm

The different races are like flavours of Mountain Dew. They exist for a reason. Don't mix them up into a single sterile flavour of toxic grey goo. They don't go with each other, but they all go with Vodka. Vodka is building your own heritage instead of leeching off another flavour. Let's preserve all the flavours and stop confusing vodka for lemonade. Leave the lemonade alone, and go make your own Vodka. The only way we can all get along and build a bright and colourful future, is to stop this 'one flavour' nonsense. Multiflavourism is not the celebration of colour, but the eradication of it. A world without borders is a world without bottles, a world without colour. Lemonade built the bottles for all the other colours, without a word of thanks. The other colours hate the lemonade because they can never have what lemonade has. They blame and attack the lemonade for having no Vodka. To even the score, they take from the lemonade and bleed it dry in the name of 'equality' as they crush the bottle under their feet. But lemonade can never substitute for Vodka.

The only future for colour is a future standing side by side with lemonade, protecting the bottles.

We all have a heritage, for better or worse. The enemy of all colours are those who abandon their heritage in pursuit of someone else's. No matter the colour, vodka can be rebuilt. But colour cannot.

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Race - Race colours
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