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 Messages - An answer to the Humanity Party

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PostSubject: Messages - An answer to the Humanity Party   Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:45 pm

Here is an answer to the Humanity Party. Here is the real solution to world poverty.

They were never a threat to Anonymous. The fact that so many have been so intimidated by or fooled by this 'Humanity Party', reveals how uninformed and unprepared they are to fight real problems, and how easily they are misled. No, most Anon's do not have the truth. They do not know friend from foe. They do not understand the world's problems. They do not understand the principles of Anonymous. It is one thing to echo words in vague context. It is another thing to understand the principles behind them.

A tragedy it is, that the only way for the persistently foolish to understand is to become fooled and experience first hand the consequences of their own foolishness.

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Messages - An answer to the Humanity Party
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