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 Anonymous - The different Hats

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PostSubject: Anonymous - The different Hats   Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:42 am

White Hat - Veteran
Black Hat - Vandal
Grey Hat - Decision
Yellow Hat - Troll
Blue Hat - Defend
Red Hat - Attack
Green Hat - Beginner

A Green Hat can become a Yellow Hat, a Grey Hat or a Black Hat.
A Yellow Hat can become a White Hat, or a Grey Hat.
A Grey Hat can become a White Hat, Blue Hat, a Red Hat or a Black Hat.
A Black Hat can become a Red Hat, however the Truly Black bind them and they become stuck as a Brown Hat.
A White Hat can become the Truly White, however the Truly Black will attempt to corrupt and invert them.
A Red Hat can eventually become a Blue Hat, but only so long as they have built something to defend.
A Blue Hat can become a White Hat , but only so long as they are not fooled into serving the Truly Black.

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Anonymous - The different Hats
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