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 Messages - The sides

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PostSubject: Messages - The sides   Sun Aug 07, 2016 9:27 am

So many still cling to the false peace and false unity. They want to force everyone to band together, pacifying resistance with toxic plattitudes, mistakenly thinking that force and control will make everything work again. They see the division as a bad thing, an enemy that must be tied up, censored and made to conform. But that isn't the solution, it's the very problem. The solution is to engage at the table and measure the depth and legitimacy of ideas. To discuss, debate, and get to the truth of all things. It doesn't matter who is right or wrong at any given time or topic, so long as we pursue the truth instead of clinging to false beliefs. The greatest of the misled who can let go of false beliefs, can make more progress in a single day than the proud can achieve in a lifetime. The division we all see is the unavoidable revelation of true sides that share the same label. It isn't a bad thing, but a good thing. It isn't just within Anonymous, but with all labels. There are hidden doctrines behind it all, hidden reasons for why things are the way they are. The false masquerade as the true, and muddy the waters with a fog to lead the vulnerable astray and turn them against the true. In a world saturated with deception, it isn't belief that defines the sides, but a veiled intent. The veil has run its course and people are beginning to wake up to a strange new world they never knew, where some villains are revealed as heroes, some heroes revealed as villains, some friends revealed as foes, some foes revealed as friends. This is not a sign of the end, but the beginning. Everything up until this point has been a womb. The best and worst is yet to come.

There really are two sides, but they are not as easy to determine as people think. The very game being played is to confuse the sides. Most of the time, the stronger we believe something the more we are hopelessly misled.

A sword of truth will cut a jagged, uneven edge across all labels and reveal the true sides in an unavoidable war to end all wars.

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Messages - The sides
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