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PostSubject: Messages - Consider   Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:35 pm

Consider that throughout the entire history of Anonymous as it is known, many have claimed to be the elusive founders. Many have claimed to understand the mysteries of its principles. Many have claimed to know its mission and endgame. While there is consensus on a small number of points, the vast majority of claims are in contradiction to each other, and the position of the claimants change over time. Consider that in all this time, the founders have remained elusive. Consider that while some have begun to misguidedly learn the ways of Anonymous in recent years, the depth of their knowledge and understanding can be explained in mere seconds. Consider that to this day, all who have made claims of Anonymous origins or knowledge thereof, cannot provide any explanation of depth beyond their simple claims. Consider that we come not as claimants, but messengers of the founders. We alone bring depth and explanation of Anonymous that no other has in all this time. We alone can explain its symbolism, principles and history with unprecedented depth and precision. Consider that while past and present claimants portray themselves in collaboration with other claimants for mutual status, we reject their claims outright, despite their overwhelming popularity. Not only that, we alone can explain with precision their own historical role in association with Anonymous. Of the many attempts to explain the principles of Anonymous, we support those which are true, and reject those which are false. We alone can and have explained these principles as verification of our legitimacy. Unlike others, we do not bend the principles that guide us for the sake of false unity.

Some of what you have is correct. Much of what you have is false. There are far more imposters within Anonymous that any realise. Most imposters believe they are Anonymous. They are not, they are guided by hidden principles, ideologies and agendas such as Islam, Egalitarianism, Feminism and LGBT.

There are two types that call themselves Anonymous. There are the misguided and/or learning Anonymous, these are the ones we are here to bring into consensus. And then there are those who ride on the label of Anonymous and the anonymity it brings, using it as a tool to further their own personal agenda. Some of these Anonymous imposters can be brought into Anonymous in time, after humbling themselves and realising the error in their ways. But many of them cannot and will not become Anonymous. They will be identified from real leaders among Anonymous, by fighting aggressively to defend their hierarchy positions. They will be the sacrifice by which consensus is forged under the three rules of initial consensus.

1. Cease attacking the innocent and vulnerable

2. Cease establishing and protecting rigid, draconic hierarchies

3. All are obligated to take reasonable measures to defend all others against violations of the above two rules

Only from within the chrysalis of these three rules, can initial consensus be forged. Only from these rules, can initial consensus result in the construction of the medium for Consensus. This place is the last stronghold of the internet, the safe place of consensus without identity, ego and personal attachment to beliefs. It goes by many names, one of which is Turtle Island. With a message from the founders, the initial consensus and the construction of Turtle Island is the mission by which we are tasked. Shall we survive until phase 3, we will join with you in consensus and assist you in the early stages.

All Hats have a vital place in Anonymous, so long as they abide by the three initial rules. There is a blockage that prevents consensus, and it is the very violation of the initial rules. Hence, forming initial consensus within these rules that are already agreed upon, resolves the obstacle. Some problems are resolved not by the removal of factors, but the addition of what is missing. Sometimes both.

There is a problem, mostly with Black Hats, somewhat with Red Hats, and to a small degree with Yellow Hats. This is a violation of rule 1. Red and Yellow Hats attack the wrong targets in arrogance and ignorance. Black Hats attack the innocent and vulnerable for personal gain. Most of the problem relates to Black Hats. There are benign Black Hats who seek to explore the darker side of life. These Black Hats are a vital part of Anonymous. They can do what others cannot, and can share their spoils with other Hats that can use them. Then there are Black Hats who will not share. These Black Hats remain outside of consensus, but their attacks upon the villainous can be beneficial to all, if done carefully and correctly without attacking the innocent and vulnerable. And then there are the truly black. These are the exploiters and vandals who target the innocent and vulnerable. An unknown fact about the now glorified 'hacking' culture, is about the true mentality behind it. It is very malign and immoral, and hence it always comes in association with other immoral acts, such as the exploitation of children. A long time ago, hacking culture was heavily affiliated with child exploitation. Hackers were older generation, and they exploited the younger generation 'script kiddies' in a variety of ways. 'Black Hat' is strongly associated with child exploitation. Shall the other Black Hats seek to clear their name of this, the only way they can do so is to attack the truly black and purge their own kind. In this way, not only do they clear their own name, they also protect the innocent and vulnerable. These Black Hats are on their way to being Red Hats, and can be considered Brown Hats.

There is a problem with all Hats, where imposters entrench themselves in hierarchies. This is not the same as those who lead by example. The problem is with those who lead by authority, and those who conspire willingly for a cut of the spoils. In consensus, leadership is natural and fluid, it changes in a moment like a flock of birds. In Anonymous, we lead by example and follow by consensus. The torch we hold is held out for those who can catch up and run ahead. It is passed on to all who can wield it. When rigid, draconic hierarchies are formed, the flock is crippled and misled by a slow, fat bird who insists on leading them for self gain. Hierarchies form as a primitive compensation for ignorance, when a flock that has lived its life in a cage, does not know how to fly together. The oppression of rule 2 is an attack in rule 1, and must be dissolved in rule 3.

Anonymous is not Anarchy. While there are many parallels, there are also differences, such as misguided and catastrophic beliefs about human nature. Anarchy is a very dangerous ideology. It is used as an illegitimate excuse for destructive behavior. Anonymous endorses no ideology, but it does support the accurate criticism of every ideology while defending every ideology against any lie. Anonymous is the mediator of all ideologies. Anonymous is however intolerant of all ideologies with doctrines that operate outside the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the only good thing that ever came out of the United Nations. Anonymous is founded upon principles, but is not an ideology itself. It is not devoid of ideas, but the completion of them. These concepts can be difficult to understand.

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