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 Islam - All Muslims are terrorists

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PostSubject: Islam - All Muslims are terrorists   Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:37 pm

I am going to say something very controversial that you might strongly disagree with and take great offence to. Not only that, I'm going to prove that what I'm saying is true...

ALL Muslims are terrorists.

Surely only some of them are terrorists. We're told that it's an 'extemist minority' from a 'religion of peace'. Anyone who believes otherwise is somehow 'racist'. Blah blah blah... let's skip all the myths and get right to the details.

The first and most important point is, what do you actually know about Islam itself? There is an ideology and doctrine here that all Muslims must follow in order to be a Muslim. In Christianity, all a Christian needs to do is believe that Jesus died for your sins, and you're automatically 'saved'. You can disagree with everything else in Christianity, yet all you need to do to become a Christian is to simply believe that. Anything else is a bonus. For Muslims, it's very different. To understand what it means to be a Muslim, you need to understand what the goals, obligations, doctrine and ideology of Islam really is. Islam isn't like other religions. You hear about it in the news all the time, when they refer to 'ideological warfare'. Understand what they're talking about.

Not every person who calls themselves a Muslim, is really a Muslim. So I'm going to differentiate 'Muslims' into three groups.

There are those who are real Muslims, who follow the doctrine of Islam as it's commanded by Muhammad and written in the Qur'an/Quran/Koran.

Then there are those who are ignorant of Islam and know next to nothing about their religion. They follow the outward customs of Islam, but they don't actually do what Muhammad commands them to do. These people may call themselves Muslim, but they're not Muslims. As they learn about the doctrine of Islam, these people either become indoctrinated by Islam, or they leave Islam. These people are usually born into a Muslim family, and simply go along with the customs because the punishment for leaving Islam is death. And those customs are a series of rigorous brainwashing techniques to indoctrinate them into becoming a terrorist. Those veils they wear, are actually the veils of an executioner who beheads people. Islam is set up so that Muslims are not allowed to interpret the Qur'an themselves, and must rely solely on their religious leaders to interpret it for them. Anyone who tries to interpret it themselves, or questions their leaders interpretation, is severely punished. These people are not Muslims. These people are ignorant fools who got caught up in a dangerous cult. These people are the primary target of Muslim beheadings. This is how Islam brainwashes people and keeps a stranglehold on them.

The last type of 'Muslim' are those who disagree with Islam, and want to leave. But they can't, because the punishment is death. Not only that, Muslims will go after your family as well and chase them across the world. These people are not Muslims. Some of them eventually go public about leaving Islam, and often become some of Islam's greatest critics. These people should be respected for their bravery and integrity.

Understand that when someone calls themselves a Muslim, one of three things is happening. They say they're a Muslim because they have to, else they die. They say they're a Muslim because they're extremely ignorant about their religion. Or they say they're a Muslim because they agree with the Ideology and doctrine of Islam. Only one of these people are actually a Muslim. One is a liar, one is a fool, one is a Muslim. All three of them claim to follow the same ideology and doctrine. And that doctrine IS terrorism. And since that doctrine is a life-long brainwashing tool with the goal of turning pacifists into mass murdering terrorists, that makes anyone who identifies with it a terrorist and a time bomb threat to everyone around them, no matter what they say or believe otherwise. A 'peaceful' muslim is a paradox no different to a peaceful ISIS member. Being an ISIS member makes you a terrorist no matter what your intentions are or what you say they are. Being a Muslim makes you a terrorist no matter what your intentions are or what you say they are. ISIS and Islam are one and the same, they only differ on who gets to be in charge. Islam is terrorism. It must be outlawed with zero tolerance for that reason. The false claims of 'religion', 'race', or 'culture' do not apply to Islam. Its very doctrine and goal excludes itself from the protections in the Universal Declaration of Human rights. The only part of the world that refused to sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, were Arabs/Muslims.

Here's a few facts about Islam to consider...

The punishment for leaving Islam is death. What does that say about Islam and the people who choose to follow it?

Muhammad says that Muslims are obligated to wage an endless, bloody war against all non-Muslims, and goes into graphic detail on elaborate ways to kill non-Muslims.

Muslims who martyr themselves killing non-Muslims, are promised an eternal orgy with 72 virgins if they martyr themselves this way. What does that say about Islam and the people who choose to follow it?

Muhammad married a 6 year old, and repeatedly molested her since she was 9. This practice is common in the Muslim world, and it gets even worse than that. What does this say about Islam and the people who choose to follow it?

Muhammad commands Muslims to do anything it takes to exterminate non-Muslims, and encourages Muslims to lie in a technique called Taqiyya. What does that say about Islam and the people who choose to follow it?

Pew Research Center collected data from Muslim polls all over the world. What they found was that the vast majority of Muslims (even those living as immigrants in the West) approve of terrorism, not out of some grudge or anything, but simply for the advancement of Islam, driven by an underriding parasitic nature to exploit and plunder others, specifically the altruism that is exclusively within the white race. As for the minority who doesn't approve of terrorism, they have a different way of invading the West and taking over the world. They're doing it through immigration, and breeding like rabbits. Their way is to milk Western countries of welfare payments, and vote in Sharia once they outnumber the locals. What does that say about Islam and the people who choose to follow it?

I could bombard you with hundreds of pages of disturbing facts about Islam and its followers that you won't bother to read. So instead, read the Koran/Quran for yourself: http://quran.com/

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Islam - All Muslims are terrorists
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