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 Messages - Weeds

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PostSubject: Messages - Weeds   Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:51 pm

We are not here for the weeds. We are here to search for any flowers that grew.

We see through all masks and disguises, the weeds who try to pass themselves off as flowers, and the flowers who have been misled to believe they are weeds.

Some heroes will be revealed as villains. Some villains will be revealed as heroes.

The toxic charade that demands your conformity to a false peace, is coming to an end. The villains always come first with a deceptive token of peace. The heroes always come later with a sword to end the false peace, to separate the parasites who hide among their victims, and bring about true unity and true peace.

All is not as it seems. In all that you do, act with wisdom and insight.

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Messages - Weeds
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